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  • Wire bound desk calendar featuring The Birds of America by John James Audebon, part of the College Heritage Collection.

    All proceeds will go to HOPE Foundation, the College philanthropic fund. The College family of Fellows, Members and friends has a long history of professionalism delivered with compassion. It is in this knowledge that we have created the HOPE Foundation to demonstrate these values collectively.
    The purpose of the HOPE Foundation is to make a positive difference to the health of people living in challenging circumstances where access to quality healthcare is, for whatever reason, limited. We do this through support for charitable projects that break down barriers and bring people together to deliver quality healthcare to the most vulnerable locally, nationally and internationally. Our collective donations can make a huge difference to the lives of so many.
    With this charitable mission embedded in our heritage, we have turned to the College Heritage Collection for the images on the calendar. Amidst the wealth of rare medical publications and artefacts gathered since the creation of the College in 1599, we have art, culture and philosophy.
    The Birds of America
    John James Audubon (1785-1851)
    We have selected 12 images this book which was published over an eleven year period, 1827-1838. Fewer than 200 sets of the four volumes were printed. There are 435 prints in a complete set. The College paid £48 in 1838 for its half set of prints 1-200, probably purchased second-hand after the original subscriber defaulted. The prints were engraved and coloured in Edinburgh and London, under Audubon’s supervision, from his original paintings and drawings now held by the New York Historical Society.
    E hope@rcpsg.ac.uk T 0141 221 6072
    HOPE Foundation is a fund of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, a charity registered in Scotland. Registered Charity Number SC000847


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